SINCE ITS OPENING in 2012, Hellenic Kouzina has won a loyal following by offering authentic Greek cuisine in a casual, modern environment.

Located on Main Street, Mechanicsburg, the restaurant's menu offers everything from traditional gyros to favorites such as moussaka, lamb shank, souvlaki, and many, many more. An ever-changing array of freshly prepared traditional pastries and a full coffee bar complete the Hellenic Kouzina experience.

In the warmer months, enjoy your meal in our beautiful courtyard—complete with stone fountain and hanging lights.

BYOB. Dine-in or take-out.







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ENTREESOven-Baked Lamb Shank {$17.49}Prepared in a tomato red wine sauce and seasoned with thyme. Served on a bed of rice with a greek salad.

{Items below served with Greek salad and one side.} Chargrilled Souvláki {$13.99 pork} {$13.49 chicken}Your choice of two pork or chicken skewers, served on a bed of rice. Pastítsio {$13.99}Long ziti pasta layered and baked with a savory meat sauce and finished with a rich bechamel sauce. Moussaká {13.99}Fresh eggplant, zucchini, and potatoes layered with a savory meat sauce and baked to perfection in a rich bechamel sauce. Spanakópita {$11.99}A flavorful combination of spinach, onions, and feta cheese baked in phyllo dough. Lamb Souvláki {$19.99}Marinated leg of lamb, hand trimmed and skewered, served on a bed of rice pilaf.  
SALATESHoriátiki (Village) {$8.99}Vine-Ripened Tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, red onions, feta cheese, and kalamata olives. Greek Saláta {$7.99}A variety of fresh greens, vine-ripened tomatoes, green peppers, kalamata olives, red onions, Feta cheese, and pepperocini upon request.Add {3.49 each}: Chargrilled Chicken Breast, Gyro Meat Traditional or Signature, Pork Souvlaki, Albacore White Tuna Greek Saláta with Octopus {$17.99} Small Greek Saláta {$5.99} SIGNATURE SANDWICHES{Extra tzatziki: $.49} Gyro {$7.99}A combination of lamb and beef on a grilled pita served with tzatziki sauce, vine ripened tomatoes, and red onions. Signature Gyro {$7.99}Savory layers of marinated pork served on a grilled pita with tzatziki sauce, vine ripened tomatoes, and red onions. Lamb Souvláki Gyro {$8.99}Marinated skewered leg of lamb, char grilled and served on a grilled pita with tzatziki sauce, vine ripened tomatoes, and red onions. Pork Souvláki Gyro {$7.99}Marinated pork, char grilled and served on a grilled pita with tzatziki sauce, vine ripened tomatoes, and red onions. Chicken Gyro {$7.99}Chargrilled marinated chicken souvlaki wrapped in a grilled pita with tzatziki sauce, vine-ripened tomatoes, and red onions. Chicken Breast Spinach Flat-Bread {$8.99}Chargrilled chicken breast with feta cheese, romaine, lettuce, red onions, and vine-ripened tomatoes. Veggie Gyro {$7.99}Served on grilled spinach flatbread, fresh spring mix, green peppers, cucumbers, red onions, dolmades, kalamata olives, and choice of vinaigrette dressing or creamy feta dressing. Greek-Inspired Turkey Burger {$7.99}7 oz. turkey burger served on a bun with tzatziki, romaine lettuce, vine-ripened tomato, and red onions. Fresh Chargrilled Burgers8 oz. burgers served on a bun with romaine lettuce, vine-ripened tomato, and red onions.Fresh Chargrilled Cheeseburger {$7.99}Fresh Chargrilled Bacon Burger with Cheese {$8.99} SOUPAAvgolémono {$4.99}A creamy chicken soup prepared with fresh lemons, fresh eggs, and manestra.MEZETHESSaganáki {$8.99}Imported Kefalograviera Cheese pan fried in olive oil, flambéed with brandy, and extinguished with fresh lemon. Char-grilled Octopus {$11.49}Char-grilled octopus tentacle served on a bed of greens. Fresh Flash-fried Kalamári {$10.99}Served with lemon. Dolmádes (3 ct) Upon Availability {$5.99}Tender grape leaves stuffed with a special blend of herbs, rice, and onions and garnished with an avgolemono sauce. Souvláki {$4.49}Your choice of one tender marinated pork or chicken skewer with pita. Athenian Sweet Potato Fries {$5.99}Drizzled with honey and cinnamon. Tirópita {$4.49}A creamy blend of cheese, including feta, baked to a crisp in buttery phyllo dough. Spanakópita {$4.49}A wonderful blend of tender spinach, onions, and feta cheese baked to perfection in buttery phyllo dough. Pikilía {$23.99}Two pork souvlaki, two chicken souvlaki, two spanakopites, two tiropites, and two dolmades.
(when available or 1 side)
 Féta & Black Olives {$8.99}with grilled pita bread.

Lamb Souvlaki {$6.99}Cubed Marinated leg of Lamb.
JUST the SPREADSTzatzíki {$5.99}Greek yogurt blended with garlic, olive oil, and cucumbers. Green Olive {$5.99} Melitzanosaláta {$5.99}A smoked eggplant spread. Húmmus {$5.99}A creamy blend of chick peas, olive oil, lemon juice, and garlic. Dill Féta {$5.99} Tirokaftéri {$5.99}A rich combination of feta, olive oil, lemon juice, and pepperocini for a little heat. Taramasalata {$5.99} A Creamy Caviar Spread. Spread Combo {$13.99}Choose any three spreads. SIDESFasólia {$2.99}Stewed green beans. Lemono Patátes {$2.99}Oven-baked lemon potatoes. Rice Piláf {$2.99} Mediteranean Orzo {$3.49}Warm orzo prepared with peas, feta cheese, and select herbs. Yigantes Plakí {$2.99}Baby lima beans baked with vegetables and fresh dill. Greek Seasoned French Fries {$3.99} Fresh Cut French Fries {$3.49}SWEETSBaklavá {$3.99}Layers of walnuts, cinnamon, and honey in phyllo dough. Baklavá Ice Cream {$3.99}Baklava mixed with locally prepared ice cream. Chocolate Baklavá Cheesecake {$5.99} Galaktoboúriko {$3.99}Greek custard pastry. Kourambiéthes {$.75}Butter cookies. Greek Yogurt with Honey {$3.99} Amygdalotá {$1.25}Pure almond paste cookies. Rizógalo {$2.99}Rice pudding. Yia-Yia’s Baklavá Cheesecake {$5.49}Layers of baklava and cheesecake. {Selection varies often, please call for availability
and current selection of pastries and sweets.}
KAFESEllinikós (Greek Coffee) {$2.49}Sketos—no sugarMetrios—1 teaspoon sugarGlykos—2 teaspoons sugar Espresso Shot {$2.25}Extra Shot {$.99}. Frappé (20 OZ.) {$3.99}                                       16 oz. American Coffee {$1.99} Greek Látte {$3.99} Cafe Látte {$3.79} Cappuccíno {$3.99} Cafe Mocha {$4.49} White Chocolate Mocha {$4.49} Caramel Látte {$4.49} Gourmet Hot Tea {$2.25}Assorted flavors. Gourmet Hot Chocolate {$2.79}BEVERAGES{BYOB—Wine glass or frosty mug provided at no charge.} Fountain Soda {$1.99}With one refill. Iced Tea {$1.99} Flavored Iced Tea {$2.29}25¢ refills. Bottled Drinks {As marked}





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Tue-Thu: 11AM–8PM

Fri-Sat: 11AM–9PM


Hellenic Kouzina is closed during all major holidays including
Christmas Eve to New Year’s Day. In addition, we are closed during the
Orthodox Christian Holy Week and the January 7th Christmas holiday.




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500 East Main Street, Mechanicsburg, PA



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